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BRIC - Building Relationships in Communities

Updated: 16 Aug 2017
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The BRIC initiative will help Housing Executive staff promote sharing
Bric programme
This is an initiative designed to encourage greater levels of social integration within Northern Ireland’s housing sector. It is run with assistance from the EU’s PEACE III Programme.
The project is delivered by the Rural Development Council, the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and the training consultancy TIDES.
The idea is to help Housing Executive staff promote sharing within the currently highly segregated social housing market.
This innovative project will focus on peace and reconciliation and help promote the idea of a shared society. Over a four year period the programme will be delivered through three themes:

Theme 1: Changing minds

A training programme that will put good relations at the heart of our policies and the way we deliver services.

Theme 2: Sharing visions

This will help us influence the removal/re-imaging of up to two physical interfaces and work with Urban Renewal Areas so that they address community cohesion.

Theme 3: Crossing borders

This will allow our staff to look at housing policy on both sides of the border to see how integration can best be promoted.
The overall aim is to help our staff address the issues of Northern Ireland’s segregated housing market.
Over 90% of social housing areas are segregated into single identity communities. In the Housing Executive the organisational culture is affected by being part of what is known as an 'Ethnic Frontier' - a society made up of two different traditions opposed to one another through political antagonism.
Throughout the years of conflict in Northern Ireland there was a tendency for orgamisations to adapt to the divided society and serve both communities separately. The BRIC programme aims to change that culture and promote good relations throughout the Housing Executive by going over and above current equality legislation.  We hope that this project will result in fundamental changes to the way we do business and provide a lasting legacy to our organisation and the people we serve.