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Working with rural communities

Updated: 29 Apr 2017
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Loneliness and isolation can be a real problem in rural areas
Latent demand in Fermanagh
When you live in a rural area, your community is extremely important.  At the same time, for some people, loneliness and isolation can become a real problem.  In addition, many small communities don't feel that they are getting their voices heard.
We are working hard to combat this. We welcome any rural community group to give us their views through their local Housing Community Network which operates in all our district offices.

Our initiatives

Under our ‘Rural Homes and People’ policy, we have now set up a 12 person specific forum where views on rural housing issues can be expressed.
Perhaps you live in a rural area where there is no community group? We can offer support and advice to get a local residents group up and running.  

Find out more

Further information is available on our Getting Involved webpage. You can also find out about networking and support for groups that is available from the Rural Community Network  and Supporting Communities NI
Each year, we also produce a ‘Rural Matters’ magazine which is circulated to rural community groups and representatives. If you wish to be included on the circulation list for ‘Rural Matters’, please contact our Rural Housing Unit