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What we need from you

Updated: 24 Jun 2017
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If you have children we need to see your Child Benefit book
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When you make a claim for Housing Benefit you will have to complete an application form. Generally, benefit will only be paid from the Monday following the date your application is received by us, so it is important that you return the forms to us as quickly as possible.
In many cases, however, you will also have to provide additional evidence of your circumstances.
Until this additional evidence is received we will not be able to pay you any Housing Benefit so you need to supply the necessary information as quickly as possible.
If you can supply the necessary information when you make your application, it means we can deal with your claim more quickly.
In all cases we must have sight of original documents. Photocopies are not sufficient.

For new claims

We will need proof of your identity. This can be either:
  • Northern Ireland driving licence or UK/Republic of Ireland passport
  • National identity card from your country of origin
  • Electoral card
or two of the following:
  • benefit payment book
  • birth certificate
  • credit card
  • divorce / annulment papers
  • Home Office Standard Acknowledgement Letter (SAL 1 or 2)
  • identity card issued by an EC / EEA member state
  • letter from solicitor / social worker / probation officer / Inland Revenue / PSNI
  • life assurance or insurance policies
  • marriage certificate
  • medical card
  • National Insurance Number card
  • UK Residence Permit
  • utility bill for previous quarter
  • wage slips with employers name

If you or your partner have a bank/building society current account

We will need to see your last two months' account statements (this is not needed if you receive Jobseekers Allowance / Income Support). If either of you have any other accounts, then we will also need to see the relevant pass book or other proof of balance on account.

If you receive maintenance or child support payments

We will need to see court order or notice of award from Child Support Agency (not needed if you receive Jobseekers Allowance / Income Support)

If you or your partner are working

We will need to see either:
  • your last 5 weeks/2 months payslips or
  • a certificate of earnings (see the HB1 application form)

If you or your partner are self employed

We will need to see either:

If you are a tenant of a private sector landlord

We will need to see either:
  • a Certificate of Occupation (see application form)
  • tenancy agreement / rent book

Other circumstances

  • If you are a housing association tenant or living in a hostel then we need confirmation of tenancy details from your landlord.
  • If you are unable to supply the evidence mentioned above, you should talk to your district office.
  • If there are any changes in your circumstances, you must tell us.

Changes of address

If you are currently receiving an award of Housing Benefit and you wish to receive a further award at your new address, you need to complete a change of address form
If you have moved to a new address and your landlord is the Housing Executive
If you have moved to a new address and your landlord is not the Housing Executive
Or you can contact your local Housing Executive office or ring us on 03448 920 902 to request a change of address form