Types of grants available

Grants available

The Housing Executive is able to offer a limited number of grants to help adapt homes for a disability or to keep homes in a reasonable state of repair.

Please note all grants are subject to funding. 

Available grants

The Disabled Facilities Grant provides adaptations to homes for a person with a disability and is based on the recommendation of an Occupational Therapist.

For more information visit our Disabled Facilities Grant page


The Repair Grant is available to aid in the repair of houses following the issue of certain statutory notices by the local council.

For more information visit our Repair Grant page


The Renovation Grant is for homes that have been inspected and found unfit to live in. Grants will only be approved in exceptional circumstances.

For more information visit our Renovation Grant page

Replacement grant are only available to those whose home is unfit to live in and repair is not an option.  Grants will only be approved in exceptional circumstances.

For more information visit our Replacement Grant page

The Home Repair Assistance Grant is for small-scale repair work and improvements to homes.

For more information visit our Home Repair Assistance Grant page

Since 1 April 2019 your local Council has had responsibility for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).     

If you own a property which is considered a House in Multiple Occupation, it must be licensed by your local council.  Belfast City Council is managing the licence scheme on behalf of all councils in Northern Ireland. 


Read further information on the Houses in Multiple Occupation Act (Northern Ireland) 2016. 

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