Home Repair Assistance Grant

The Home Repair Assistance Grant is for small-scale repair work and improvements to homes. 

Home Repair Assistance Grants are currently only being offered in the following exceptional circumstances:

The property must be occupied by you as your main, or principal, home and fulfil at least one of the following criteria:

  • awarding of the Home Repair Assistance Grant is necessary in order to complete a mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant
  • the needed repairs post an 'imminent and significant' health and safety risk that impacts on the occupant(s)
  • the property's structural stability puts the occupant(s) at serious risk 

Who can apply?

Owner occupiers and private tenants may qualify if they are:

  • Over 18 years old and receiving Housing Benefit, Income Support, Income Based Job Seekers Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance (Income Related), Working Tax Credit or Pension Credit (guarantee credit element) or Universal Credit; or
  • Over 18 years old, ill or have a disability, receiving of a qualifying benefit such as Attendance Allowance (AA), Disability Living Allowance (DLA)/Personal Independence Payment (PIP)/Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP), Mobility Supplement, Long Term Incapacity Benefit, Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA); or
  • Over 60 years old

What work(s) will be allowed with this grant?

The Home Repair Assistance Grant would allow small scale work for

  • the outside of your home (for example roof repair and rendering); and
  • to improve health and safety (for example repair electrical wiring).

How much grant is available?

The maximum award is £5,000 over 3 years and will depend on what work is needed.

Will the Housing Executive carry out the work?

The Housing Executive administers the grant aid on behalf of the Department for Communities.  This means it does not arrange for or carry out work. 

It is your responsibility to:

I may need help with my application

If you have any questions about making an application for a grant please contact your local Grants Office on 03448 920 900 (textphone 18001 03448 920 900). Members of our team will be happy to help you at any point of the process.

If you believe you need extra support during the grant application process then you can contact:

How long does it take?

Each case is unique but a number of factors will affect the length of time:

  • the demand for grant aid;
  • the money / budget available; and
  • receiving information from you (eg income details, certificates, builder information).

How is the grant paid?

The grant awarded will only be paid when

  • the work is finished by your builder;
  • work has been approved by building control;
  • it has been inspected by the Housing Executive; and
  • you have sent all accounts, receipts and certificates to the Housing Executive.

Please note

You must not start any work until you have received the ‘Approval of Application’ from the Housing Executive.

This approval confirms:

  • how much grant aid you have been awarded;
  • when you can start; and
  • the date by which the work must be completed.
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