• Eligibility

    If you’ve been a tenant of the Housing Executive, or one of the other eligible social landlords, for five years you can apply to buy your home.

  • How we assess the property price

    We will work out the price we pay for your property based on a number of different factors. Find out how we decide how much we will pay.

  • Overview

    You may be eligible to buy your Housing Executive home. Get an introduction to how this process works.

  • Selling and renting back

    Owner-occupiers have been approached by companies offering to buy their homes, and then rent them back to them as tenants. It's important you carefully consider all the available information.

  • Buying with other people

    A maximum of four people, including the secure tenant, can apply to buy their Housing Executive home. Learn about who you can buy your home with.

  • Buying with the Equity Sharing Scheme

    Read this step-by-step guide to buying your Housing Executive home with the Equity Sharing Scheme.

  • Buying a home

    Help and advice on buying your own home

  • Equity sharing

    The equity sharing scheme is part of the House Sales Scheme. It lets our tenants buy their homes at a discount. Equity sharing lets you buy part of your home, and rent the remaining part from us. Both you and the Housing Executive would then own a share of your home.

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