Home improvement

The Research Unit carries out and/or commissions telephone surveys of people who applied for and received a home improvement grant from us. These surveys help us to evaluate grant applicants’ experience of the grants process.

Survey aims

The aims of these surveys are:

  • to evaluate grant applicants' perceptions of the grants process;
  • to assess whether applicants thought they had a say in the services they received;
  • to identify applicants’ priorities;
  • to measure overall satisfaction with the service;
  • to evaluate grant applicants’ views on electronic delivery of services; and
  • to identify shortcomings in the service and improvements required as perceived by the applicants.

Home Improvement Grants Survey

Home Improvement Grants Survey 2017

The Home Improvements Grants Survey 2017 evaluates the private sector grants scheme which is currently being delivered by the Housing Executive's Grants Offices across Northern Ireland.

The key findings indicate that the vast majority (92%) of respondents were satisfied with the grants scheme overall.  This level of satisfaction is the same as in 2009, when we last carried out a survey.

The Housing Executive is delighted to have maintained this high standard of user satisfaction during this time. Further examination of performance across the various stages of the grants process shows the Housing Executive has maintained or increased satisfaction levels for all grants stages since 2009.

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