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You can request and track a repair on the My Housing Executive portal. You can also access your tenancy information and contact us securely 24 hours a day through the portal.

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Department for Communities consultation - Intermediate Rent

The Department for Communities (DfC) is looking at a new way to help people rent good-quality, affordable housing with longer tenancy periods. It is called “Intermediate Rent.”

Minister helps Housing Executive launch new rural housing strategy

A new, four year strategy planning for sustainable and inclusive growth in rural communities across Northern Ireland has been published by the Housing Executive.

Test for social and affordable housing underway in Rasharkin

The Housing Executive is currently working with Triangle Housing Association to determine the need for new housing at a site at Church Road, Rasharkin, Co Antrim.

Social Enterprise Plus grants now available

Under the Social Enterprise Plus Programme, an opportunity to bid for a small award (maximum value £5000) will open on 8th November 2021.

A step change in homelessness prevention, as Housing Executive strategy consultation underway.

The Housing Executive is considering significant additional investment in the prevention of homelessness, and is seeking views on its new draft strategy for addressing homelessness in Northern Ireland, which was published today. 

Get in touch. Report, apply and pay online

In response to Public Health Agency guidelines following the COVID-19 outbreak, we have had to review how we provide our services so we can protect our tenants and customers. This is why we have closed all public facing areas in our offices and suspended staff visits to tenants’ homes. 

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