Rural housing issues

We provide a range of services to help those living in rural areas. This section provides advice on:

  • New homes - if you need a home, or belong to a rural community where you think there is a need for new homes.
  • Improving properties – information on improving your property.
  • Communities - how your community can tell us about rural housing issues, and information on our Rural Residents Forum.
  • Independent living - if you are faced with homelessness in a rural area, or your home needs adaptations to help you live there.
  • Rural development - how housing can contribute to broader regeneration and development.

Sustainable Rural Communities Strategy & Action Plan

Rural areas have specific housing needs and issues. Our Sustainable Rural Communities Strategy and Action Plan sets out our plans for working with rural communities to make a real difference in the next 4 years.

Rural Strategy & Action Plan 2016-2020

Sustainable Rural Communities Annual Progress Reports

These progress reports highlight our progress to date on achieving the strategy objectives:

New homes in rural areas
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