Areas of choice

Choosing where you want to live

When you apply for housing we will ask you to pick one or two areas where you would like to live. We call these your “areas of choice”.

Your areas of choice 

Some areas are very popular and you may face a very long wait before we offer you a home.  If you change your area of choice it may increase your chances of getting an offer. 

When you choose your Area of Choice, we will consider you for social housing in that area that meets your needs.

You can choose a Landlord that you would prefer. But this may reduce the chances of you being offered a home.

You may choose a larger area that includes a greater number of estates or neighbourhoods. We call this a "General Housing Area" (GHA). It may offer you a greater choice of social landlords.

You can change your areas of choice at any time. You can do this by contacting us:

You can find our contact details at:



Choice based lettings scheme

We also advertise homes that are available now through our choice based lettings scheme. You must be on the waiting list to apply for a home through this scheme.



You can see these properties at:


If you need more advice or information, contact your local office on 03448 920 900



Transfers and exchanges
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