How much grant funding can you get?

How much grant funding can you get?

The Home Improvement Grants system aims to target its resources to those who can least afford to pay for work to their home. 

If you apply for a grant, you will be means tested to find out if you should make a financial contribution towards the ‘approved cost’ of the work.  This is called ‘Test of Resources’.

If you’re applying for a Disabled Facilities Grant for adaptations to help a dependent child (for which you must be in receipt of Child Benefit), parents / guardians are not means tested.  However, you may still have to make a contribution to the cost if the cost of the work is greater than the amount available through grant aid.

How is a Test of Resources carried out?

The calculation is based on your household’s average income (ie your resources) against what the Government says will meet your ‘basic’ needs.

Income includes all earnings from employment (including self-employment), certain benefits, pensions, savings or any other source(s).  The calculations are not based on income alone.  We also take into account various factors including family status (eg number of children or if you have a partner), disability and age.

If our calculations show that the resources you have are less than what the Government says you need then the grant amount awarded will meet the ‘approved cost’, up to the maximum grant-aid available for the type of grant.

If we conclude your resources are greater than what the Government says you need, then the difference in income will be used to calculate the size of loan (if you need one) we believe you can afford.  Therefore the total amount of grant we can award will be the total ‘approved cost’ of the work less the amount you can afford to borrow.

Is the ‘Test of Resources’ the same for Owner Occupiers, Tenants and Landlords?

We apply the same test to Tenants and Owner Occupiers to determine whether a contribution to the cost of the work is expected.

Grants awarded to Landlords are percentage based.  Normally we offer a 50% grant to Landlords, but for designated regeneration areas this percentage may be higher.

If you have any questions or queries about ‘Test of Resource’ contact your local Grants Office on

T: 03448 920 900 (textphone 18001 03448 920 900).

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