Customer charter

Our customer charter

We aim to provide excellent services for all our customers. Customer needs are at the centre of everything that we do, and our goal is to meet those needs to a high standard of quality and performance.

With that in mind, we have developed our new Customer Charter and Service Standards. They will help us to understand our customers’ experiences and improve our services.

Our Customer Charter sets out how we aim to treat our customers when they interact with us:

  • in the office

  • by telephone

  • when they request information from us.

  • when they make a complaint

We will publish our results each year.

You can view our Customer Charter and our most recent performance results below

The Customer Charter is part of an information pack. This pack also includes “Your Rights and Responsibilities” and “General Conditions of Tenancy”.

In the pack you will find information on:

•    your rights and obligations

•    finance

•    moving home

•    what to do in an emergency

•    what to expect in a tenant consultation

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