• What to do in a crisis or emergency

    What to do and who to contact in crisis situations such as civil unrest or major flooding. A list of organisations that can help.

  • Unknown callers

    Sometimes visitors who are unknown to you may call to your door. Most will be genuine, but some may not be.

  • Advice about asbestos

    We understand that you may be worried about asbestos and its possible dangers, so we've put together some information on how we manage asbestos. When it is properly managed, asbestos does not pose a risk to health.

  • Organisations we work with

    We work in partnership with statutory, voluntary and community based agencies to tackle community safety issues and anti-social behaviour in our communities.

  • Reopening old fireplaces

    Explains the dangers of reopening old fireplaces.

  • Neighbourhood officer services

    Our Neighbourhood Officer Services team aims to improve our estates. They tackle issues that directly affect you.

  • Community safety team

    The Housing Executive has a dedicated Community Safety Team based in Belfast. This Team works with our locally based staff to provide a range of services to deal with community safety issues and anti-social behaviour.

  • Community Safety

    Most of our estates are welcoming, safe and popular places to live. Sometimes there can be problems with anti-social behaviour and other issues which our community safety team can help with.

  • Water Hygiene

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